Twitter blocked in Turkey after corruption allegations against the Prime Minister

Turkish prime minister Tayyip Erdogan has ordered the “eradication” of Twitter, issuing a court order that blocks it in Turkey. Following allegations of corruption and leaked conversations with his son about unlawful activities that needed to be covered, the Turkish PM stated: “We’ll eradicate Twitter. I don’t care what the international community says. Everyone will […]

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Big “kardeş” is watching: Turkish law restricts freedom of speech on the Internet

A new law in Turkey provides extreme powers to the local telecommunications operator, granting them the authority to block web sites for a privacy violation, without court orders. The “Big brother” law, adopted by the Turkish parliament, raises the concerns of the Turkish press, over government control and violation of free speech rights. Such a […]

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Turkish registrant grabs .com name of murdered American tourist Sarai Sierra

American photographer, Sarai Sierra, was found murdered in Istanbul yesterday, sending waves of concern among thousands of would-be tourists planning to visit Turkey. The lone traveler from New York, was apparently lured to a remote location by one of her online contacts; then brutally stabbed several times. While the Sarai Sierra Instagram account is still […]

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The domain name was sold today on Sedo, for $10,650 – the equivalent of 8100 euro. At least, that’s the claim posted earlier today by its new owner, a domain investor from Turkey, on DNForum. For the past five months, was owned by a company with offices in Moldova and the UK, after […]

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Turkish madness? City of Samsun to sue Samsung

The city of Samsun in Turkey, beholds a history of several millenia; founded as Amisos by the Greeks, it was a Byzantine stronghold until it fell to the Ottomans. After the mass slaughtering of Greeks between 1915-1920, Samsun – a name created from the phrase “to Amisos” or “eis Amison” in Greek – became the […]

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Turkish cybersquatter grabs Kate Upton .XXX

Kate Upton is making the news as the new Sports Illustrated girl, gracing the magazine’s edition with her slender body and killer natural curves. The 19-year old beauty was raised in Melbourne, Florida and is being touted as the next supermodel. A video of Kate Upton has surfaced, showing her dancing in her stadium seat […]

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Game Over: Bill Kara brings global awareness to Turkish crimes using established domains

Bill Kara – the founder of which he sold to Mindjolt in April – isn’t all about games. The Canadian developer and domain investor is mostly known for his acquisition and development of gaming domains, including for $350,000 and the HallPass online conglomerate. Bill’s Greek heritage brings him close to the history and […]

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