Game Over: Bill Kara brings global awareness to Turkish crimes using established domains

Bill Karamouzis - CEO of FPS Networks

Bill Kara – the founder of which he sold to Mindjolt in April – isn’t all about games.

The Canadian developer and domain investor is mostly known for his acquisition and development of gaming domains, including for $350,000 and the HallPass online conglomerate.

Bill’s Greek heritage brings him close to the history and tradition of an ever-diminishing number of oppressed Christians; from the millions that once lived in Turkey until the mid-20th century, down to a few thousands remaining.

The Greek Ecumenical Patriarchate is the head of the Greek Orthodox Church and is based in Istanbul, Turkey – the very city that officially retained its name of Constantinople for several millennia, until 1923.

The 20th century, however, brought lethal misery to millions of Christians of Eastern Europe and Asia Minor, including the genocide of more than a million Armenians less than 100 years ago.

Bill Karamouzis is utilizing his generics,, and to bring global awareness to the Turkish crimes. As he says:

“I’m trying to bring attention to a video featuring His All Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew and the continued persecution and suffering Christians are facing in the prospective European Union state of Turkey.”

Bill further explains his decision to use these websites as beacons of information:

“For the months of December to January, I’ve dedicated those web sites so hopefully more people become aware of the continued abuses in Turkey and avoid buying goods, products, services, travel and any other beneficial actions to enables the continued persecution of Christians and minorities in Turkey.”

Definitely a great method to bringing awareness to the heinous crimes that modern Turkey is refusing to acknowledge and issue remedies for.

Bill is currently the CEO of FPS Networks – a full service design and programming studio with over a decade of experience in Internet consulting.

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