Why the Uniregistry App is NOT the #1 domain app on Google Play

The Uniregistry App has received many accolades for its ability to combine domain registration and management services.

Once you get a Uniregistry account, the Android version of the app that we’ve tested and use, becomes indispensable.

Since the addition of the Uniregistry Market on the app, the paradigm of domain selling has shifted as well.

But is the Uniregistry App the #1 domain app on Google Play?


When searching for “domains” the Uniregistry is #2 behind the Domain Real Estate app.

And that’s ok, because we’re talking about an app by the Domain Group, an Australian company that’s huge in the real estate market “down under.”

That’s precisely the original meaning of the word “domain.”

Whether #1 or #2 the Uniregistry App makes our life easier – and that’s what truly matters.

Get it for your Android device directly here.

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