Will Smith + Chris Rock = Obvious #domain registrations!

The 2022 Academy Awards gave Oscars to the top performers of the film industry. The night’s focal point turned onto veteran actor Will Smith, who slapped comedian and presenter Chris Rock over a joke.

Will Smith walked up to Chris Rock, slapping him in the face. Chris Rock took the incident in stride, calling it “the greatest moment in the history of television.” Will Smith had previously responded with a couple of F-bombs, openly heard by the ceremony attendees. He justified his actions by finding a “GI Jane 2” joke by Chris Rock offensive to his wife, Jada Smith.

Will Smith Slapped Chris Rock during the Academy Awards ceremony.

Will Smith went on to win the Oscar for best actor; in our opinion, he should have been arrested and escorted out of the hall. His Oscar win, at the very best, should have been made in absentia. The Academy’s Twitter account made a short statement:

“The Academy does not condone violence of any form.”

Today, Will Smith’s actions have become a global meme and naturally, relevant domain name registrations are popping up. We found the following obvious ones:

Meanwhile, WillSmithSucks.com is available, although it was registered in the past.

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