Winter Solstice: Which two popular domainers share the same birthday?

Domainer Bros: Mike Mann & Aron Meystedt.

Domainer Bros: Mike Mann & Aron Meystedt.

They say that December is the worst month of the year to have a birthday in; one’s very personal date is lost in the glitz of the Holiday season, and its shopping madness.

Two very popular domain investors, however, seem to differ, and they share the same birthday – December 21st.

Domain investor and serial entrepreneur, Mike Mann, and Aron Meystedtowner of the oldest registered .com domain – were both born on the day Winter Solstice is in full effect in the Northern hemisphere.

Both domainers are extraordinary people and are often quoted by online and print media publications for their ventures and achievements. Mike turns 48 years old today, and Aron is officially 35.

Happy birthday to Mike and Aron for their special day!

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