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Without a matching #application dot .APP #domains are a waste of money

Speculators rejoiced wildly today, as dot .APP hit general availability.

After a week of decreasing prices, down from a shockingly high $10k first day, dot .APP domains can now be registered for a base price, around $20 dollars.

Dot .APP is a Google-owned gTLD, and quite promising, what with being promoted to a tech user base: Application and software developers, and companies involved with the app universe.

This does not mean that the .APP extension is going to threaten the existence of .com, or other gTLDs related to technology.

Simply put: without a matching software application, a dot .APP domain is a waste of money. Investors looking to capitalize on the .APP “gold rush” should keep that in mind.

Additionally, many generic “keyword domains” are priced considerably higher than $20 dollars – some in the hundreds of dollars per year.

It makes sense if you produce an application with a “generic” name and need the generic keyword. If the keyword+app is taken in .com, then perhaps that’s an additional valid reason to go after the .APP domain.

For the rest of the domain investor universe, a dot .APP domain is no better than an .XYZ one.

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