.XYZ lost 1 million domains in the last two months

.XYZ domains – Last year at $0.01 each.

During the last 60 days, the .XYZ gTLD has lost 1 million domain names.

That’s 15% of its total number of registrations, that went down from 6.6 million to 5.6 million domains. It still retains the #1 position in the gTLD rankings.

A year ago, the .XYZ Registry rolled out an unprecedented “penny promo” that lasted almost a month.

During the promotion, almost 3 million .XYZ domains were registered, at a price between a penny and a quarter later on.

We predicted that the drops this year would be substantial, and this is only the beginning; the next 30-60 days will reveal the actual numbers.

Meanwhile, some people narrowly avoided being hit with huge renewal bills for .XYZ domains at regular prices.

Recently, the .XYZ Registry has rolled out a sub-dollar promotion for numeric domains, an interesting move as it does not seem to involve Chinese registrars.

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One Response to “.XYZ lost 1 million domains in the last two months”
  1. Jason Cowan says:

    Totally useless. Why would anyone purchase .xyz? It’s banned in China and only known for spam use. Everyone’s reaction from any communication with a and email or website ending in .xyz is disgust. The 1.111B marketing scheme failed to recoup the lost (fake) domains. I would not waste money on these domains. Company is a fraud.

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