XYZ Registry ICO : Get ready for the Negari ™ Coin! 💰

The new Negari ™ Coin.

The XYZ Registry is about to roll out its Initial Coin Offering, with the launch of the Negari ™ Coin.

The pseudo crypto coin is based off the Domainer Coin exchange, with a starting trading value of 1,000,000 NGR (Negari Coins) for every US dollar.

“We’re excited to be launching a great new coin for the domain industry, following on the footsteps of Bitcoin, Litecoin and Topcoin,” said the XYZ founder and CEO, Daniel Negari.

“Many will ask, why name it the Negari ™ Coin – it’s because that’s my name, what did you expect?” asked Negari, delivering a trademark smile.

The XYZ Registry plans to use 5% of the proceeds to fund additional research on whether all the good .com domains are taken, and to promote XYZ domain names in the untapped market of North Korea.

“Soon, we’ll be doing some great promotions in Pyongyang, and I will be meeting with our friend Kim Jong-un in the coming weeks,” said Daniel Negari, adding: “Domain investors that are looking to invest in North Korean stocks will be delighted to learn that the Negari Coin will be on the North Korean stock exchange.”

The Negari ™ Coin will appeal to the crypto investors that siphoned their cash away from the LLLL .com market to Bitcoin; the Negari ™ Coin is backed by the XYZ seal of approval.

To invest, go to XYZ.XYZ/NegariCoin/ and start looking around.

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