XYZ Registry seals ground-breaking deal with North Korea

Always inventive in its marketing approach to delivering meaningful, generic gTLDs to the masses, the XYZ Registry announced today a ground-breaking deal with the government of North Korea.

The agreement introduces the citizens of North Korea, long deprived of any Internet access or other online experience, to premium, quality .XYZ domains.

“Kim Jong-un, Supreme leader and spiritual guide of the sovereign nation of North Korea is a true entrepreneur,” said a statement from the XYZ Registry.

“As the founder of X, Y, Z and every other generation in North Korea, Kim Jong-un will provide domain names to every North Korean citizen, for free,” concluded the statement.

By issuing a free .XYZ domain to every North Korean citizen, the XYZ Registry further strengthens its well-established footprint in the heart of Asia.

After selling .XYZ domains at below cost to the Japanese market, the North Korean agreement is one step closer to tapping the lucrative, and populous domain market of China.

“We are ready to take over the world, one generation at a time!” exclaimed XYZ Registry founder, Daniel Negari. “This is a pivotal moment, equaling the first footsteps on the moon, or the invention of electricity by Nicola Tesla,” added Negari, giving two thumbs up.

If you are planning to travel to North Korea, make sure you register an .XYZ domain first; Kim Jong-un will personally approve your visa as a friend of the sovereign nation of North Korea.

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