ZFBot.com : Domain research tool dumps Flash, expands options

ZFBot, the domain research tool that scans millions of domain records within TLD zone files, has been drastically revamped.

Not only is the new version of ZFBot faster and better than ever, it also waves goodbye to Adobe Flash.

Ken Greenwood, developer of the ZFBot tool and its assorted app for iOS, shared the news with us:

“For a while now, it has become clear that Adobe Flash is an outdated web technology that we had to dump, for security and performance reasons.

The new ZFBot web site has been optimized for speed, and brings the best parts of the ZFBot app directly to your desktop.”

Domain investors eager to peruse millions of domains in every TLD, will find the new, intuitive interface a breeze to use.

The many hundreds of new gTLDs are supported, along with the old school TLDs; all of them are available to search at the click of a button.

New features include toggling dashes, numbers and even IDN on or off.

Keyword span can now be defined with sliders, as opposed to punching in numbers, making the adjustments a breeze.

A dedicated section to domains that drop allows domain research for a variety of popular parameters: Dictionary, CVCV and other patterns, along a 4 day domain dropping timeframe.

Data columns can be sorted and data is exportable. ZFBot on the desktop is free and domain records are updated daily.

You don’t have to do a thing. 😀

Although ZFBot has been redesigned with a fluid, responsive interface, for a mobile-friendly experience consider getting the ZFBot app – currently for iOS only.

Many thanks to Ken Greenwood for producing, maintaining, and expanding one of the best domain research tools on the market.

For more ZFBot goodness, visit the new ZFBot.com.

The new ZFBot.com web site.

The new ZFBot.com web site.

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8 Responses to “ZFBot.com : Domain research tool dumps Flash, expands options”
  1. It’s a great tool and I have two observations:
    1 – please allow us to change the background color, or make it a bit darker.
    2 – it would be great if we could press enter after inserting the keyword instead of clicking the search button.

    Congratulations on these updates!

    Best regards

  2. Kevin says:

    How to search dropping new TLDs? I was not able to do this

  3. Ken G says:

    Nuno – not sure about point number 1 but I’m working on the enter issue… not to worry! Good point. Ken

  4. Ken G says:

    And I’ve already changed some of the colors on the site due to some picky users 🙂

  5. That was fast, thank you very much!
    Regarding the background color, for those of us that spend too much time in front of a monitor everything helps 🙂

  6. Of course an alternative is to use user styles browser extensions, but I try to avoid them.
    In any case, here is my public appreciation for your tool. Thank you, Ken.

  7. Kevin says:

    Hello Ken,

    Please let me know how to search dropping new TLDs?

  8. Nuno – you can now hit ENTER to run the search instead of clicking the SEARCH button 🙂

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