ZFBot domain research tool : Registration is free

ZFBot, the domain research tool that taps into hundreds of millions of domain records, has received an upgrade.

Although still free on the desktop, the updated tool now requires a quick registration; one can also log in with their Facebook account.

The latest update offers the ability to save queries.

Suppose, for example, that we search for all domains that begin with “RickSchwartz” across all TLDs (and gTLDs), contain no numbers or dashes and which aren’t dropping.

The query results would return 23 domains:


We can now click on the “floppy disk” icon on the top right, to save this query to our account, and provide a name for it.

Once saved, queries appear under our account, in a “Saved Queries” list that looks like this:


Very handy! 😀

This way, we can quickly re-run domain queries from the list, without having to type in their particular options. It definitely saves busy domainers time and effort.

Don’t forget that this is the desktop version. For an even greater experience, consider getting the ZFBot app from iTunes!

Many thanks to Ken Greenwood, ZFBot creator, for providing such an indispensable domain research tool.

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