ZFBot future saved after miraculous recovery of source files!

ZFBot developer, Ken Greenwood.

ZFBot, the unique tool domainers can peruse (for free) to search for strings in existing (or dropping) domains, got a life extension.

What a relief! ๐Ÿ˜€

Its creator, Ken Greenwood, had saved the source files and other assorted code to an external drive, along with personal digital mementos.

That drive, failed in late June and at that time, Ken made a plea:

“I’ve got a 320gig Western Digital external USB drive that just failed on me […] The light still comes on and I can hear the drive attempting to spin but after 4 or 5 attempts, it just stops. […] I’ve got nearly all of my website/web application source code on it, 7,000 pictures of my kids, over 60 gig of music and assorted other data. I’m trying to avoid paying a data recovery company $500 bucks to recover it […] I was hoping to find someone who uses ZFbot that has the expertise to do it and was looking to do me a favor or barter.”

Ken put his projects on hold, and stored the external drive to a safe place. A couple of weeks ago, Ken decided to take some drastic measures:

”ย I decided to pull it out of my laptop bag today – slammed it against my desk and whatya know… it started working… making some very strange noises but I was able to transfer the files I needed off of it on to my laptop.”

So ZFBot is now safe, after Ken salvaged the source files and despite using this unconventional method of data recovery, the end result justified the means; Ken didn’t have to spend $500 but investing in a good hard drive, such as this pretty cool Lacie 1Tb model, is important! ๐Ÿ˜€


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One Response to “ZFBot future saved after miraculous recovery of source files!”
  1. BullS says:

    ZFBot….I love you.

    I have sold many domains using you.

    Ken Greenwood related to Lee Greenwoood?

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