Domainers: Where were you on September 26, 2009?

If you remember what you were doing on September 26, 2009, without a second thought—congratulations, you’re either a prodigy or a savant!

As it happens, it takes a particular reason to recall a specific day in time 12 years ago and for us that’s the birthday of

A dozen years later we’re still doing it, and we’re older but smarter, kinder and (hopefully) almost as funny as back in the day of the first posts.

It takes a lot of hard work to produce more than 11,600 articles that aren’t just generated lists of domain sales: articles that deliver a message, a concept, news, and even parody stories about domain names, the domain industry and its people, social media and—why not, politics.

We’re very grateful to our readers, supporters, sponsors, and everyone who stopped by and engaged with us online and especially in person. Can’t wait for the next real NamesCon, instead of a glorification of a mass zoom call!

Until then, stay safe, mask up, vaccinate, and keep the domain investing spirits up.

Onto our teenage years! 😀

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