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There will be no post about Chef Patrick

Early today – before the crack of dawnRick Schwartz unveiled the name of the person involved in the alleged breach of privacy at Moniker.

Rick named Chef Patrick – or Patrick Ruddell – as the man behind the “Moniker-gate”.

A lot of us knew from day one but we kept our mouth shut, simply because it’s easy to cry “wolf” when it’s still in sheep’s clothing.

When weeks passed by and nothing came out of either the Chef, Moniker or Rick himself, we gave up the “prodding”.

Right now, to be honest, everything is anti-climactic. Rick should have named names 3 months ago; right now nobody truly cares if it’s Chef Patrick or Chef Boyardee.

Some are waiting for a parody of some sort about all this, to be unfolded on DomainGang but there won’t be any. It’s a dramatic situation, because it shows how easily an act of passion or anger can change the course of things at a personal and professional level. Patrick had a great future ahead of him at Oversee and due to one stupid and immature act he squandered it all.

But he’s also human and humans err, eventually learning from their mistakes. And that’s part of life whether we wish to witness a bloodshed instead.

The Chef deserves a last standing, to deliver his speech. We’d urge him to do so with humility and admittance of the circumstances, because – frankly speaking – it’s past the end of the show and there is no encore.

At least, apologizing and moving on seems to be the best option.

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