Who is best suited for ICANN CEO?

On Friday, ICANN will reveal its new CEO that will take over the much-coveted (and often despised) spot from outgoing CEO, Rod Beckstrom.

There are plenty of technocrats fit for the job, but who would be the best match for the job? Bill Gates? Mark Zuckerberg? Arianna Huffington? Someone else?

With unemployment still high in the US, on an election year no less, we thought it’d be great to sponsor the ICANN CEO position as an employment spot for those without a job.

There are thousands of Americans that are well-equipped for the ICANN CEO position and who would love to see ICANN move forward from being a ‘Club Med‘ for tweaking the Internet.

Who would be the best man or woman for the job?


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4 Responses to “Who is best suited for ICANN CEO?”
  1. Nino says:

    As long as it’s no one from Greece, ICANN should be fine.

  2. Lucius "Gunz" Fabrice says:

    Nino – You mean that the father of DNS, Paul Mockapetris, should not be ICANN CEO? Or dozens of other Greek technocrats that don’t fit your silly racial stereotype? Did you know Arianna Huffington is Greek also?

  3. J. Aristotle says:

    Uber Sports broadcaster/journalist Bob Costas is of half Greek decent

    Owen Frager would be a better CEO of ICANN that the current guy.

  4. Bill Rica says:

    I for one will be sad to see Beckstrom go. Bob Recstrum is one of the funniest Twitter feeds in existence. That TAS/Hitler Beckstrom Parody – Priceless! But to answer the question, how about we take the Senate and make them collectively the Office of the Presidency of ICANN. Maybe their replacements will actually do something and they can’t be any worse than Rod.

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