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Wong Hui just made me filthy rich!

Time for another editorial.

Just received an interesting business proposal from Mr. Wong Hui, and all I can say is that I plan to retire a rich man.

Please I would like you to keep this proposal as a top secret and delete it if you are not interested and get back to me if you are interested for details as regards to the transfer of $24,500,000 to you.

This money initially belongs to a Libyan client who died in the libya crisis and had no next of kin in his account-opening package in my bank here in Hong kong where I am a bank director.

In other to achieve this, I shall require your full name, and telephone number to reach you.

Most importantly, a confirmation of acceptance from you will be needed after which I shall furnish you with the full details of this transaction.

Yours Truly,

Wong Hui.

I decided to email Wong Hui, as follows:

Dealest Mistel Wong Hui,

I am very solly to heal that youl crient has passed away. Such a blave man, to be kirred in action in Ribya. Lest assuled that I wirr be taking good cale of the $24,500,000 which you pran to bestow me out of pule kindness.

I heleby incrude my infolmation fol youl immediate tlansfel of the funds, incruding my bank account numbel.

Youls sincelery,

Rucius ‘Gunz’ Fablice

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7 Responses to “Wong Hui just made me filthy rich!”
  1. RaTHeaD says:

    those chinese are so cheap. years ago i got to the point i wouldn’t even reply to an inquiry from nigeria that promised me anything less than 250 million. but times are tougher now so i can understand your position.

  2. Jason Thompson says:

    Hilarious! I think you just gave me an idea. 😀

  3. Rob Martin says:

    Buh weet lives!

  4. BullS says:

    Dear Miser. Wong Puii

    Sorri about your friend died in bed, and yes include my name to accept the 24 million dollars.

    You family, your mama, papa wish them good health and fortune for me.
    Buddha love you and your family.

    Sincerely yours,
    Bank Director
    Bank of BSland

  5. RAYY says:

    @ BullS

    Change “…Sorri about your friend died in bed…”


    “…Sorri about your friend died of shame…”

  6. BullS says:

    RAYY— there is no such thing as SHAME in Chinese culture.

    I know!!!

  7. RAYY says:

    Probably not……..lol

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