Five questions with Bill Karamouzis at NamesCon 2017

We had late lunch with domain entrepreneur, Bill Karamouzis of today, at the Beach Cafe inside Tropicana.

NamesCon 2017 opened its gates with network lanes today, a smaller but efficient area to review domain industry exhibits.

Back to Bill Kara and lunch.

DomainGang: Bill, how is your lunch, the chicken over fresh arugula looks delicious.

Bill Kara: It’s fantastic. Better than my mom’s spinach pie, I swear, eh.

DomainGang: Awesome. Had some crunchy chicken wrap myself and I recommend it.

Bill Kara: What’s the next question bro?

DomainGang: OK. The secret’s out, that you are the mystery buyer of 2.XYZ. What do you plan to do with it?

Bill Kara: The Chinese domain market regarding numbers is super strong, and I plan to get a hefty return on my investment.

DomainGang: What are you looking to sell it for?

Bill Kara: Obviously, way more than what I paid for it. I believe I can get six figures for this rare, single digit .XYZ domain.

DomainGang: Is it cold in Edmonton, Canada?

Bill Kara: It often gets -35 Celsius in the winter. Now you know why I am so cool. Are you going to ask me something related to domain names?

DomainGang: Right. How much did you sell for?

Bill Kara: That’s none of your damn business. Drink your coffee and let’s get out of here, it’s getting late and we’ll miss the Rightside party.

DomainGang: OK. Art and Konstantinos are coming along too.


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