Mike Robertson : The secret of my success as a domain investor and broker

Mike Robertson‘s successful career through the years took him from his native country of Australia, to the flamboyant Florida shores.

As a co-founder of Domain Guardians, Mike’s ability to land sizable domain sales while providing top notch services to domain investors, is legendary.

In a quick interview to DomainGang, Mike Robertson shares the secret of his domain success: the famous Australian TimTam cookies.

“I know mate, it’s really crazy but the TimTams are what get me going through the day. Get a box of TimTams and a cup of French roast java and you’ll be ready to get in orbit, guaranteed!”

Mike Robertson endorses TimTam cookies from Australia.

Mike Robertson endorses TimTam cookies from Australia.

Mike’s obsession with the TimTam brand is obvious; on a daily basis he consumes a full box. Considering how just two TimTam cookies are 190 calories, one is left wondering how does he stay slim.

“Oh, haha, that’s easy mate! I ride my bike everywhere, doing between 20 to 35 miles daily around town. It’s a little harder in the summer when temperatures can be in the 100s, but riding a bike is the only way to break down the TimTam goodness, mate!”

Robertson is also training for triathlon events, hoping one day to participate in a Spartathlon, the ultra-marathon race in Greece.

“That would be a case of eating at least two boxes of TimTam cookies as a power booster, mate! Can’t wait!”

Congratulations to Mike and best of luck with his future ventures and races; TimTam cookies are indeed full of chocolate flavor and crunchy taste.

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