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Sell Domains Fast : New book for domain investors by Indian entrepreneur Aishwin Vikhona

The rules of domain investing change very often.

If you read books on the subject that were written ten, five or even a couple of years ago, many are already obsolete and contain outdated information.

Domain investing requires staying on top of new trends and emerging markets, and the introduction of new gTLDs expands the Internet namespace as well.

Aishwin Vikhona‘s upcoming book, “Sell Domain Fast“, takes charge of the latest and greatest techniques to monetize your domain investments.

We contacted Aishwin for an interview on his book, and he was kind to share with us key elements of his approach.


Sell Domains Fast – By Aishwin Vikhona.

DomainGang : Aishwin, please share with our readers some information about your background as a domain investor from India.

Aishwin Vikhona : I’ve been actively investing in domains since last the past 4-5 years. With a domain portfolio of less than 2000 domains, I am mostly focusing on premium domains. I once had over a dozen LLL.com’s which I sold last year. Since last 2 months I have acquired domains of amount over $100,000 USD mostly in LLL.com’s.

I am an entrepreneur running an IT startup here in Aurangabad, India with a team strength of 15. Since I had interest in Domains, I have also developed few software / services around this niche. Some of them are BulkWhoisFinder.com, DomainSaleLeads.com, DnSale.org, DnSaleScript.com to name a few.

I work with my Domain Sales team at my office to sell the domains I purchase. We find qualified leads, outreach and sell domains. We have sold over five hundred domains using our systems and growing each day.

DomainGang : What motivated you to write this book, and is it your first?

Aishwin Vikhona : Yes, this is my first book, the major reason behind writing this book is to create awareness about Domains here in India and around.

There are two types of audience in this niche, the first is the one who have no idea what is a domain name, second are the one who have bought one or a few domains earlier but still have no idea how to go about and are mostly full of questions.

I am trying to work with the second type to help them start from scratch ways and methods to sell domains fast. I believe the second type of audience are “Early Adaptors” and they will take care of the first section automatically.

DomainGang : How long did it take to compile the information and decide on the approach and focus of your coverage?

Aishwin Vikhona : It’s been 2-3 months now that I have decided I would be working on this book, and after lot of pauses, I am almost getting ready to launch.

DomainGang : What are the three most important domain investment tips you could share from your upcoming book?

Aishwin Vikhona : 1) Evaluating the value of a domain : This book explains how to go about and evaluate the value of your domain, the required parameters and other key factors.

2) Know where to list your domain : To be able to sell a domain faster, you should know depending on your domain where to list it so you get the maximum traction. We’ve covered all major Marketplace where a domain can get listed for sale.

3) My favorite research tools : What tools I prefer to research about domains, people, potential buyers, etc and what I like about it.

DomainGang : Where will the book be made available from, and when?

Aishwin Vikhona : The book will be available at my official website www.Aishwin.com, from 7th August 2015, the day of launch at DomainX Bangalore.

DomainGang :  Domain investing in India – What has changed in the past year, and what is expected for the future?

Aishwin Vikhona :  I see there’s an increase in sale prices of .in domains. I have been getting more offers on my existing .in domains portfolio along with few calls a month to negotiate domains, I am glad there’s a higher sense of awareness of what a domain name is as compared to earlier. I also see emerging Entrepreneurs with five / six figure sales from different cities of India.

I am also connected to lot of fellow domainers from India over lot of social platforms like Skype, facebook, whatsapp and increase in number of people joining me every week is a bold sign of growth that I see here.

Increased number of questions from newbies got me to believe for a need to educate the masses about the industry.

DomainGang : Will you be attending DomainX 2015 ?

Aishwin Vikhona : Certainly yes, I am. In fact that’s the place where my book “Sell Domains Fast” is launching by Ron Jackson.

I am also a sponsor for one of my software “BulkWhoisFinder.com” and I am offering a FLAT 65% discount at this event to all those who uses the coupon “DOMAINX“, this is active only till 10th August 2015.

DomainGang : Thank you very much Aishwin, wishing you lots of success with your book, “Sell Domains Fast!

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