Bob Parsons of GoDaddy – Repeat offender?

Bob Parsons has assumed legendary status in Africa.

The newly disclosed scandal – and assorted video – of Bob Parsons hunting elephants in Africa isn’t news exactly.

The GoDaddy president and CEO has long maintained his affection towards the mother continent and alleged birthplace of the modern man.

Exactly a year ago, Bob Parsons appeared in a photo holding up a newspaper that was in reference to Robert “Bob” Mugabe, president of Zimbambwe. 😀

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2 Responses to “Bob Parsons of GoDaddy – Repeat offender?”
  1. BullS says:

    So happen I was listening to NPR about Mugabe and if you think Kadffi was bad,this guy is worst of the worst. Since Africa has no oil and no special interest to the USA, US does not have to intervene.
    Read here:

  2. SL says:

    @Bull: There’s lots of oil, just look at the devastation caused by Shell in Nigeria. The difference is Africa is truly the wild west and practically uncontrollable.

    And Mugabe is not alone. There’s Charles Taylor and tons of warlords.

    Africa also has a special interest to individual Americans. For example, Pat Robertson made a fortune in Liberia by collecting money from his 700 club minions under the guise of “relief” donations for Rwanda. Then purchasing diamond mining equipment and using his planes to transport it over. His mining rights were protected by Taylor who’s pretty close to Mugabe as far as ruthless dictators go.

    So to say that the US has no special interest is carrying it a little too far, imho.

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