Farmville causes a whole lot of trouble

These days it’s rare for the Mozilla foundation to issue back to back releases of its popular web browser, Firefox.

That’s exactly what happened though, when 3.6.6 was released two days ago, within a week of its previous release 3.6.4

Are you confused yet?

Yes, they skipped 3.6.5 but that’s typical for geek programmers that contribute lines of code to a project, all while drinking Red Bull and playing Farmville.

Did I mention Farmville?

Apparently, the popular online game that utilizes a browser and Flash was prone to hanging the browser, after the previous Firefox release, which would “quit” after just 10 seconds of “buzzing”; when in fact the game was still active, needing a little bit more time to respond.

As of Firefox 3.6.6 that delay is 45 seconds – the time it’d take for a Firefox plugin to be deemed unresponsive and thus crashed.

Other browsers, such as the Google Chrome are able to “dump” the offending plugin, such as Flash, and continue functioning.

Thanks, Farmville.

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