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Farmville causes a whole lot of trouble

These days it’s rare for the Mozilla foundation to issue back to back releases of its popular web browser, Firefox. That’s exactly what happened though, when 3.6.6 was released two days ago, within a week of its previous release 3.6.4 Are you confused yet? Yes, they skipped 3.6.5 but that’s typical for geek programmers that […]

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AOL turns $400 million into less than half that!

How do you turn $400 million into half as much? Simple: you run America Online corporation. The much-hated mass-mailer of floppies and CD’s in the 90’s bought instant messenger service ICQ.com in 1996 for a whopping $400 million dollars. Around the same time Microsoft spent another $500 million to buy Hotmail.com but at least they […]

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