NamePros removes tasteless sales thread of Steve Jobs domains

NamePros moderators how now removed a sales thread that attempted to capitalize on the name of the late Apple, Inc. founder, Steve Jobs.

After having a thorough discussion on what constitutes a sale of domains that attempt to benefit from the death or misery of others – a practice often seen on the aftermath of natural disasters – the NamePros moderators decided to remove the offending post.

This is great news and a big thank you goes out to moderator Blake at NamePros for taking care of this personally.


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One Response to “NamePros removes tasteless sales thread of Steve Jobs domains”
  1. Ms Domainer says:


    I hope that this becomes a regular practice at Namepros, for all disasters and celebrity deaths.

    These disaster/death squatting lowlifes should not be given a platform.


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