First-timer’s Guide to TRAFFIC – The Domainer’s conference

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Good evening fellas from lovely Orlando, Florida.

The great weather of this season is a motivation for more great advice to the great, supportive readers of

So, you’re going to TRAFFIC in New York?

Here’s a quick guide about the event’s do’s and dont’s – take them with a pinch of salt or face the consequences!

  • The attendants are mostly male, I’d say 80% of the participants. So if you’re going there to meet any domainer ladies, keep in mind that others might have the same idea, in the back of their dirty domainer mind.
  • Beware of the Domainer Cougars! There are a couple of social butterflies out there that promote their domain portfolio all while flaunting their feminine assets. So keep business separate from pleasure.
  • Buy bigger pants. Rick’s breakfast, lunch and dinner menus are legendary. Get ready to put on some pounds that you didn’t expect to gain in the first place. Although the menu is slimmer this year than previous years, even alcohol adds to the calories. So use common sense when feasting on these hearty menus.
  • New York is a big city. Get lost and you’d get little help from the average, busy – and selfish, at times – New Yorker. “Outta my face!”. Carry your cellphone with you at all times, and have the hotel’s phone number stored in it. Oh, and put your wallet in your front pocket while riding the subway.
  • Social events is where everything happens. You’ll get to meet others that you might have clashed with – often for no reason – online. Get prepared to acknowledge your mistakes and to move on: to Business!
  • Handshakes are common – unless you’re in France, where cross-kissing three times on the cheeks is acceptable between both men and women. But this is America, buddy, and we need our personal space. So get ready to use that good old firm handshake a lot. Keep sanitizing lotion on you – President Obama just declared the nation in a state of H1N1/Flu virus emergency.
  • Treat scheduled meetings and gatherings as holy as going to Church. Don’t be late, the doors close and you’ll be left out of important events – that you’ve paid to attend! So arrive early so that you’ll secure a good spot in the room as well.
  • Bring business cards, printed copies of your portfolio and other assorted documents that you’d want to present or share with fellow domainers. Don’t rely on email and other electronic media. And don’t use twitter when you’ve had several drinks!
  • Acknowledge the known domainers even if you’ve never met them before. You know their image from pictures and movies, so be a professional, walk up to them and greet them. The most popular and recognizable ones are: Rick Schwartz, Ron Jackson, Sahar Sarid, Ammar Kuba, Adam Dicker, Frank Schilling, the Castello brothers and Dr. Kevin Ham’s brother, Don – who always gets confused for Dr. Kevin Ham.
  • And finally, keep your camera with you and take lots of compromising pictures that you could use later on!
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