Five important points that make a great domain name registrar

A domain registrar is a company that manages the registration of domain names on the internet.

For generic TLDs, ICANN oversees the accreditation of domain registrars, as they must meet certain criteria and observe operational rules and regulations.

When selecting a domain registrar, there are several factors to consider; here are 5 important points to keep in mind:

Reliability and uptime: A good domain registrar should have a track record of providing reliable and consistent service. This means that the registrar’s website should be available and responsive at all times, and that any changes to your domain’s settings or DNS records should be processed quickly and accurately.

Ease of use: The process of registering, managing, and renewing a domain should be straightforward and intuitive. A good domain registrar should provide clear instructions and helpful tools to make these tasks as easy as possible.

Customer support: If you encounter any problems or have any questions, a good domain registrar should provide prompt and helpful customer support. This could include phone and email support, as well as online resources such as FAQs and tutorials.

Pricing: The cost of registering and renewing a domain can vary significantly between registrars. It’s important to compare prices and find a registrar that offers competitive rates, but also be aware that cheaper options may come with fewer features or lower-quality service.

Add-on features and services: Some domain registrars offer additional features and services, such as website builders, email hosting, and SSL certificates. These can be convenient and save you the time and effort of working with multiple vendors, but be sure to carefully compare the features and prices of these services to find the best deal. Some registrars also operate domain name auctions of their own or of shared inventory.

Do we have a favorite domain registrar currently?

Absolutely., a sponsor of our publication, is our domain registrar of choice and we use to register domains and to keep a large size of our domain portfolio. That being said, this is not a sponsored post; it’s our honest opinion on what makes a great domain registrar.

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