Got a lowball offer for your #domain name? Here’s how to respond internationally

There are many ways to respond to a lowball offer, when it arrives in the form of single or double digits.

Even higher price ranges are considered lowball, when the amount offered in no way matches the quality of the domain, such as LLL .com domains or generics.

A common approach would be to lash out at the individual who sent the offer. You can try infusing anger with irony, but neither option is as satisfying. If it arrives through a third party system, such as the Uniregistry Market, it can get you in hot water for responding to customers inappropriately.

Here’s a good response for international offers, those silly amounts in the $1 – $100 range that arrive with a lot of “wisdom” about the intended use: blog, personal page, not for profit, no budget, etc.

Lowball offers – Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash

In more than 90% of these cases, the ccTLD is available, so prompt them to register that ccTLD domain.

It’s amazing how much such such a direct, yet polite reference makes many of these tire kickers choke up. Here are some responses we received:

  • But I will some day go global
  • I want the .com
  • No thanks!
  • OK, I registered it. Now for the .com?
  • You dirty cybersquatter

When a person making an offer ignores their national ccTLD, that’s a good indication that they aren’t really serious and will waste your time with further negotiations. By pointing them to the ccTLD you make them simmer in their own juice.

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2 Responses to “Got a lowball offer for your #domain name? Here’s how to respond internationally”
  1. doob says:

    if they would just tell me i’m sexy they could get a much better price but nobody does. 🙁

  2. Paul says:

    If I get a $10 offer I always tell them to Google “$1 domain registrations” ..that way…”you can save $9. ”

    It is all a bit “tongue in cheek” on my side, yet makes me feel good.

    1/2 the time they thank me.

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