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FuckALDI.com : #WIPO panelist doesn’t believe store owner’s acronym!

Supermarket giant, ALDI, took the owner of the domain FuckALDI.com to the WIPO for a quick UDRP in the parking lot. In the process, the Respondent claimed that ALDI stands for “All Demons Interforce” in reference to his former gaming clan handle. The WIPO panelist, however, was not convinced, and dug up information leading to […]

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Who needs .SUCKS? I love ALDI .com taken via UDRP

Imagine this: you can register a dot .SUCKS domain to vent off your sentiments as a consumer, but god forbid if you register “I Love …” alongside that brand! ALDI is an international discount supermarket chain, with headquarters in Germany. It is very popular in Europe and lately in the US. Their products are generic, […]

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