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The truth is out there: How Credit.Club didn’t sell for $200,000 dollars

Bruce Marler was visibly excited about the biggest gathering of domainers, that was about to put TRAFFIC to shame. “Tiffany, get your luggage ready, we’re going to NamesCon.” Tiffany put her beer down, another empty bottle in a row of four, next to an empty box of Kobayashi sushi. It was getting chilly in Missouri, […]

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GoDaddy to allow first Domain Registrations by Aliens

Always progressive, GoDaddy announced today that they are ready to take the next leap forward in domain registrations. Bob Parsons, the legendary president and CEO of GoDaddy has long maintained that for the right amount of money, he’d sell domains to anyone. With more than 40 million domains under its command, GoDaddy is the world’s […]

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