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#Asheville, North Carolina : The #Domain King’s new domainerville

Hipster-friendly Asheville, is North Carolina’s hidden gem city. Overlooking the Blue Ridge mountains and home to numerous microbreweries, Asheville attracts young couples that love to smoke pot, newlyweds that exchanged vows in Little Switzerland, mature singles looking for a hookup – and now, domainers. Rick Schwartz’s announcement that he’ll be coordinating a domain investors’ gathering […]

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Appalachian domainers shocked by end of .com era

A group of domainers high up in the Appalachian mountains of North Carolina are making a shocking discovery: it’s not all about the .com domains anymore. Twin brothers, Bobby Joe O’Hoolsey and Thomas Randy O’Hoolsey were born and raised in the Black Mountain, North Carolina. Since the late 1990’s the two brothers sold their arts […]

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