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Cybercrime and gTLDs : Europe invests in .Bank domains

Cybercrime, in the form of financial institution domain spoofing, has cost banks and consumers billions of dollars in 2015 alone. Dot .Bank, the managed, authorized gTLD to be used by Banks, is changing that fast. Hundreds of European banks are registering with dot .Bank, to ensure that their customers receive protection from unauthorized account transactions. […]

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Cybersecurity : Your Bank’s domain name is about to change

The URL you visit for online banking may soon be changing; and that’s for the best. In a Fool.com article covering the ongoing transition of banks and financial institutions to the dot .Bank domain, Jay Jenkins makes a bold prediction: “.bank will soon make .com obsolete for bank websites.” Jenkins emphasizes the elevated importance of […]

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Bonnie and Clyde – BuyDomains wants some blood money

On this day, 76 years ago, legendary gangsters Bonnie and Clyde died in Missouri – from a tsunami of police bullets. It was the Prohibition era, made famous to later generations via Hollywood movies of the 1940’s with James Cagney as one of the most memorable actors. It was a time when gangsters robbed the […]

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