Cybersecurity : Your Bank’s domain name is about to change

The URL you visit for online banking may soon be changing; and that’s for the best.

In a article covering the ongoing transition of banks and financial institutions to the dot .Bank domain, Jay Jenkins makes a bold prediction:

“.bank will soon make .com obsolete for bank websites.”

Jenkins emphasizes the elevated importance of security when it comes down to dot .Bank domains.

That means when you go to a .bank URL, you can be certain you’re on a real bank website instead of a hacker’s scam site.”

The process of switching to a dot .Bank web site won’t happen overnight; many banks will continue using the .com.

It is a major endeavor for a bank to transfer all of its online infrastructure to a new domain, and as such, banks will approach this change slowly and with caution.

The fTLD Registry, managers of the dot .Bank gTLD, has also published the most up to date numbers for dot .Bank, domestically and internationally.


  • 5602 dot .Bank domains have been registered through the end of October
  • 512 of those domains are registered outside the US.
  • The top 5 countries are: 62 in South Africa, 48 in the UK, 45 in Greece, 41 in Spain and 37 in Germany.

For the full dot .Bank infographic, click here.

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  1. Security will be more enhanced with .bank TLD, that’s one of the advantages of new gTLDs.

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