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DomainsBot : Register 6:30am

The original DomainsBot was a subscription-based domain drop list service, with daily lists containing thousands of expired domain names. Between 1997 and 2004, the DomainsBot service was indispensable for domain investors, and it shared newsletters with information about domain investing. We’ve been digging up these beauties from the early domaining days, and today is the […]

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Party like it’s 2007 : Fischer, Goldberger and the Moniker domain auction

NBC News covered a domain auction organized by Moniker in 2007, presenting “dramatic” coverage of live activity by bidders Ari Goldberger and Larry Fischer. The blast from the past article describes the action and aspirations of domain investors 8 years ago: Someone else makes a bid for $120,000. Fischer and Goldberger up the ante, and […]

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