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Porsche.car : Chinese domain registrant blew $5,000 via UDRP

Dot .Car domains carry a premium price, and the Chinese registrant of Porsche.Car just blew a small fortune. Registered in 2016, the Porsche car domain was renewed in 2017, which brings the total minimum cost to just over $5,000 dollars. With a price tag of $2,399 dollars at GoDaddy, the domain was challenged by the […]

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AutoBytel : $2.2 million dollar valuation of UsedCars.com domain

Autobytel, an automotive media and marketing services company located in Irvine, California, acquired the domain UsedCars.com in 2015, as part of a larger $25 million acquisition of Dealix / Autotegrity. The domain’s valuation in this sale, was uncovered today: $2.2 million dollars. Canadian domain investor and sleuth, George Kirikos, dug out the reference to the […]

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The Ride of Her Life: Donuts for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

What happens when the sheriff’s young, leggy daughter falls for a mysterious drifter and his car? In what sounds like yet another flick of ‘sexploitation‘, the cult genre that thrived in the 70’s and 80’s, this scenario is actually a remarkably clever car commercial – the 2015 Subaru. Staged from the web site TheRideOfHerLife.com, it […]

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