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#CPU .com : #Domain auction ends in 16 hours; Where are #Intel and #AMD at?

The NameJet auction for the ultra-premium domain CPU.com is ending in a little over 16 hours from now. While there is interest in this extraordinary quality LLL .com, there are no bids from Intel and AMD yet. How do we know? For starters, the reserve begins at $200,001 dollars, so even a bid of $200k […]

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#CPU .com : Ultimate tech #domain being auctioned at #NameJet

Your computer, laptop, tablet and other electronic device contains a CPU. The Central Processing Unit, is the brain of the device, and without it there is no function. The first commercially available CPU was the Intel 4004, way back in 1971. Since then, Intel has been joined by a variety of CPU designers and manufacturers […]

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