#CPU .com : #Domain auction ends in 16 hours; Where are #Intel and #AMD at?

The NameJet auction for the ultra-premium domain CPU.com is ending in a little over 16 hours from now.

While there is interest in this extraordinary quality LLL .com, there are no bids from Intel and AMD yet.

How do we know?

For starters, the reserve begins at $200,001 dollars, so even a bid of $200k would be “safe” but non-binding.

As of now, a total of 123 bids by an equal number of bidders, raised the auction’s price to $131,000 dollars.

Surely, CPU.com is worth considerably more, particularly to microprocessor manufacturers.

Let’s see where the auction for CPU.com ends at, tomorrow!

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3 Responses to “#CPU .com : #Domain auction ends in 16 hours; Where are #Intel and #AMD at?”
  1. VM Freeman says:

    This lack of interest from the big boys may come down to the extreme level of branding in the industry. Intel and AMD are the brandable terms they want to promote and keep foremost in people’s minds, and brand consultants will often advise clients that using multiple secondary domain names for the same business unit will only dilute their main name and brand.

    While this is sound advice for most companies, it would still be a feather in your corporate cap to buy CPU.COM, if only to use it in a press release to build awareness of your main brand, and this story may yet play out like that.

    VM Freeman

  2. Tony says:

    Looks like reserve has been decreased. Now its 100K-200K.

  3. DomainGang says:

    Tony : Oi vey, I forgot about that trick. Hopefully Mr. Hejako has the funds to back up his bid.

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