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#BigCity .com and #Cracker .com added to #Backpage #domain seizures by the FBI

Two aged, generic domains have been added to the Backpage seizure list by the FBI. BigCity.com, a domain registered in 1997, and Cracker.com, registered in 1995, are now under the control of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The domain BigCity.com appears to have been an index-based repository of escort ads, perhaps popular with the same […]

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Corporate domain movers Part 2: Cracker.com, iRetire.com and more!

Jamie of dotWeekly digs domain data daily; quite often, corporate acquisitions of domain names go unreported. These domains often become brands, products or services by many large companies, and this report could provide an early insight. This is part 2 of a list of domains compiled by Jamie, and it’s being reported for the first […]

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