#BigCity .com and #Cracker .com added to #Backpage #domain seizures by the FBI

Two aged, generic domains have been added to the Backpage seizure list by the FBI.

BigCity.com, a domain registered in 1997, and Cracker.com, registered in 1995, are now under the control of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The domain BigCity.com appears to have been an index-based repository of escort ads, perhaps popular with the same crowd that populated Backpage.com. The domain itself wasn’t owned by the Backpage company, but by a UK-based trust instead.

Meanwhile, Cracker.com appears to have been owned by an Australian company, that disabled the matching .com.au and that used the domain as a free classifieds site that contained personal ads as well.

It is unclear why the FBI is referring to these independent web sites as linked to the Backpage seizure; perhaps they did not want to create a separate landing image for each web site.

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2 Responses to “#BigCity .com and #Cracker .com added to #Backpage #domain seizures by the FBI”
  1. BullS says:

    As I said seizing the sites is not going to fix the problem, it going to make it more difficult to trace as they will go under the dark web.

    Regulate regulate regulate legalize legalizedand taxed so the monies can go to eduction and rehabilitation ( look at the prohibition of liquors)

    Prostitution , online gambling and marijuana, and pretty soon those free shooting of drugs at save injection sites

    Seems like we are going backward instead of forward thinking.

  2. Mr Fittswell says:

    Now where am I supposed to find hookers?………

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