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DEJ.com : How much is the all-Bitcoin sale worth now?

In August, Drew Rosener announced the all-Bitcoin sale of the three letter domain, DEJ.com. The deal involved no third parties, and no escrow: Drew handed over the domain once he received the Bitcoin. On that date, BTC was averaging $4,200 dollars, but right now it’s at $7,300 dollars, having been as high as $7,600 dollars. […]

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Media Options brokers LLL .com sale in Bitcoin

Drew Rosener, founder of Media Options, announced the successful brokerage of a three letter .com domain – all done in Bitcoin. The deal for DEJ.com completed using BTC exclusively, according to Drew: “Successfully brokered sale of DEJ.com , payment & commission 100% in Bitcoin! So fast, easy & smooth! #crypto #bitcoin #btc” Rosener is a […]

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