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Sale of FB .com to #Facebook was an example of #domain scalping, says #Tumblr specialist

Domain scalping is an outdated reference to domain name investing, as perceived by the industry’s outsiders. Simply put, those who do not understand the concept of domain investing, or who are envious of the many success stories of domain investors, want to paint it in a negative light. A recent blog post by Verisign stirred […]

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#Verisign stock jumps on Domain Scalping Marketplace ™ announcement

Verisign stock jumped 200% and some change on Friday, following the announcement of the revolutionary Domain Scalping Marketplace ™ on the corporate blog. Aimed at seasoned domain investors and newbies alike, the Domain Scalping Marketplace brings several new features that most domainers didn’t known they’d need. Marcus Aurelius, Memes & Propaganda VP at Verisign, shared […]

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#Verisign post fallout : Who gave #domain investors the “domain scalpers” name first?

A Verisign executive’s blog post unleashed the collective fury of domain investing professionals, after calling the practice “domain scalping.” By making a reference to “ticket scalping,” which involves the unlawful profiteering from the sale of surplus tickets at a price much higher than their face value, the Verisign post fails miserably to justify its choice […]

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