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Uniregistry App : New version update released with fixes and new features

Uniregistry updated its app today, rolling out version 1.4.2 to the general public. For many domain investors using Uniregistry as their domain registrar, the use of an app can help resolve many problems while on the go; not to mention, that it makes domain registrations dangerously easy. Here are the updates and new features that […]

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SeeMeReg: New Google Glass app lets domainers share point of view

A new application for the much talked about Google Glass, might just be the killer app for domain investors. SeeMeReg ™ interfaces with the geeky hardware from Google, offering an experience unlike any other, allowing seasoned domainers and newbies seeking mentors to interact live. “Definitely a new convergence of technological innovation and pragmatic need for […]

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