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The Independent Group : New #British political party’s #domain WHOIS “redacted”

The Independent Group is a new British political party, formed by 7 MPs. As Brexit looms in Great Britain, such movements gain online attention pretty quickly. The new British political party registered the domain TheIndependent.Group, presumably as both TheIndependentGroup.co.uk and TheIndependentGroup.com are already taken. The group’s founders left the Labour Party, and part of their […]

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Microsoft rocks the .Group with several domain registrations

New gTLD registry, Donuts, rolled out dot .Group very recently, and it’s already at almost 4,000 registrations. And all this – surprise, surprise – without giving away one cent promos! 😉 There’s no better affirmation of a new gTLD’s worth, other than seeing a major corporation adopt it en masse. Software giant Microsoft registered several […]

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