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Ninja.com rolls out CheapShit.com with pending trademark application

The people of Ninja.com own some spectacular domains, including the one for their brand. They also own some “cheap shit” in the form of the matching .com domain, CheapShit.com. 😀 What would you do with such a fun combination of “cheap” and “shit” keywords? Turn it into its own brand, of course. Ninja has applied […]

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Generic? Jerky.com and Fetch.com are new #trademark applications

Following the decision by SCOTUS on the Booking.com case, two new trademark applications for domain names were spotted at the USPTO. Fetch.com, applied for a trademark registration for FETCH.COM – nothing too surprising! The application is for: Computer application software for mobile phones and tablet computers, namely, software used to facilitate peer-to-peer pick-up and delivery […]

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