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Going viral: Ebola.com strikes back with web site upgrades

For the best part of last week, Ebola.com and its owner received plenty of unwarranted negative coverage by mainstream media, that blasted its “for sale” status. Jon Schultz, owner of the domain he lawfully acquired for $13,500 in 2008, was verbally assaulted in a series of sensationalist posts that reeked of anti-entrepreneurial bias: The Washington […]

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Gizmodo: Ebola.com owner is an “opportunistic piece of human garbage”

An article slash opinion piece in Gizmodo, announces the well-known by now fact that Ebola.com is being offered for sale by its owner, Jon Schultz, for $150,000 dollars. The article’s writer, Matt Novak, focuses on this sale as if it were a way to make money in times of fear. Alongside the Washington Post article […]

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