Gizmodo: owner is an “opportunistic piece of human garbage”


Are some domains indicative of one’s ethics?

An article slash opinion piece in Gizmodo, announces the well-known by now fact that is being offered for sale by its owner, Jon Schultz, for $150,000 dollars.

The article’s writer, Matt Novak, focuses on this sale as if it were a way to make money in times of fear.

Alongside the Washington Post article that referred to Jon Schultz as a “merchant of disease”, Novak’s op-piece is even more unsavory:

“It could not be confirmed at press time whether Schultz and Hood’s respective mothers were embarrassed that their sons were opportunistic pieces of human garbage who profit from the fears of others and contribute nothing of value to society.”

Despite all this negative publicity, it is expected that Mr. Schultz will be able to cut a deal with a major pharmaceutical company for the domain, eventually, especially when immunization against Ebola is mass produced.

For the Gizmodo post, click here.

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