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GoDaddy has a temporary home page

GoDaddy is back up, with a temporary home page that reminded us of the good old days of the Internet, circa 1994. Bob Parsons looks very solemn in this picture, and he should: GoDaddy has been in the news all day, and not painted in any type of positive light either. In all seriousness, let’s […]

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Danica Patrick back on GoDaddy’s homepage

GoDaddy can’t really be GoDaddy without the GoDaddy Girls! 😀 That’s what founder, Bob Parsons, must have thought, and has re-instated Danica Patrick on its homepage. The popular car racer was taken off the homepage of the largest registrar in the world, allegedly after refusing to shave her famous legs for a week. Although we […]

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GoDaddy suspends Danica Patrick due to disciplinary action

GoDaddy has suspended Indycar racer, Danica Patrick from its popular homepage. The news came as a shock to millions of dedicated GoDaddy customers, who often visit GoDaddy.com simply to ogle Danica Patrick and her notoriously famous legs. “Danica, unfortunately, refused to shave her legs for more than 10 days in a row, and that’s unacceptable […]

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