Will Hank Alvarez appear ‘incognito’ at TRAFFIC Milan?

Ever since the news of Hank Alvarez and his auction trickery broke back in November, the former VP of Operations at Snapnames (sometimes known as Nelson Brady) has been nowhere to be seen. It seems that in the domaining universe things are forgiven and forgotten quite easily. There are rumors, however,  that Hank Alvarez will […]

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As Snapnames rebates arrive in the mail, Domainers await the next Domain Scandal

It’s been a full two months since the Hank Alvarez (aka “Nelson Brady“) scandal broke the sleepy waters of the Domain village. It was a day of infamy, when Snapnames announced that their very own Vice President of Engineering did nothing short of engineer the results of thousands of domain auctions. At the point of […]

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Hank Alvarez breaks his silence – Delivers a message to all domainers

Almost two months have passed since former Snapnames employee Hank Alvarez became the centerpiece of news related to the tightly knit domainer community. His now infamous ‘halvarez‘ handle at Snapnames leaves a bad taste in the mouth of many domainers – many of which ended up paying a whole lot more money at auctions, or […]

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