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Hotels.CLUB rolls out huge hotel savings for NameSummit 2017 in NYC

To save on hotel room costs during NameSummit in NYC, look no further than booking through Hotels.CLUB. George Verdugo, founder of Hotels.CLUB, told us that his booking cost for the venue’s hotel, New York Hilton Midtown, is insanely low. You can save between $100 – $150 dollars in hotel costs, by signing up for Hotels.CLUB […]

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Hotels.CLUB and huge room discounts : Five plus one questions with owner, George Verdugo

George Verdugo is a domain investor and serial entrepreneur, and co-owner of DNForum with Kevin Faler. Last year, George Verdugo acquired the premium domain, Hotels.CLUB, with a very specific business plan in mind: to offer heavily discounted hotel bookings. The new venture went live last week. We reached out to George to find out more […]

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