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Politics: Domain investors preparing for ‘blood and gore’ in Syria

With the situation in Syria getting closer to becoming a Franco-American dual strike, domain investors around the world are preparing for a digital fight. “Now that the Brits are out of the way, there is no question that the traditional coalition of the French and the Americans will generate some serious intensity in Syria,” said […]

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The way of the future: Invest in long tail domain names

Domain investors with half an ounce of gray matter already know the single best-kept secret in domaining: long tail, descriptive domain names. While some silly, brainless domain flippers prefer the so-called “brandables“, most domain investors with a degree from Domain University invest in nothing but long tails. “Without a doubt, brandables are a bunch of […]

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Domainers: 10 Emerging markets to invest in 2013

A lot of domain investors with inquiring minds are aware of the fact that 2013 approaches fast. With the economy in a pivot point – some call it, the “fiscal cliff” – what are the top 10 emerging markets to invest in the new year? We thought about making a list but as always, an […]

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