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#NORDU .net : Oldest #domain is 12071 days old per #DomainTools

NORDU.net, the oldest domain name with a registration date of January 1, 1985 is now 33 years old. But wait, isn’t Symbolics.com the oldest domain, you might say. Not so fast, domain ranger. While Symbolics.com is indeed the oldest registered domain name, and the oldest .com, it’s not the oldest. On the other hand, NORDU.net, […]

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Domain party like it’s 1985 : Happy 31st birthday, Symbolics.com

It’s been 31 years since March 15th, 1985 – the date that the domain Symbolics.com became the first ever .com to be registered after a company applied for it. Through the years, Symbolics.com was used as a temporary placeholder for ancient software, and eventually domain investor Aron Meystedt acquired it, for an undisclosed amount in […]

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