: The #Domain King’s answer to “off the market forever” ?

Premium domain assets are appreciating fast and no-one knows this better than the Domain King, Rick Schwartz. Once a domain name is sold to an end-user buyer, it’s off the market forever, to quote Media Options and Drew Rosener. They operate Rick Schwartz’s reaction to this valuable domain-related phrase is similar but shorter: Sold […]

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Drew Rosener of Media Options often shares domain sales that his power-brokerage team achieves, with the public. The ever-busy domain entrepreneur tags these domain sales with the phrase “off the market forever.” The phrase has become a signature motto of Media Options and we’ve pointed out that during that time someone registered the matching .com […]

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The Rosener Equation : Great job,!

It’s not every day that a top notch domain investor shares their life motto on their personal web site. Drew Rosener, founder of Media Options, just did that by updating his personal web site at the ultra short domain, The hyperactive domainer talks about his 9 figures in dollar sales of domain names, for […]

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Media Options: New #domain registrations and acquisitions

Media Options, the brainchild of domain investor and serial entrepreneur, Drew Rosener, is focusing on select domain markets. Also known as “domain niches,” these markets are aligned to global trends, for example, marijuana domains or cryptocurrency domain names. Drew Rosener is a crypto believer, and publishes the popular marijuana web site, Ganjapreneur. So which domain […]

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#Domain irony : Off the market forever .com is off the market forever

Off the market forever – it’s the mantra of experienced domain investor, Drew Rosener, founder of Media Options. The hyperactive domainer has managed millions of dollars in domain inventory, by brokering, co-brokering and acquiring ultra premium domain names. Every time that Drew announces a successful sale, or references a sale of a top notch domain […]

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